How do I obtain a work permit?

First, investigate the commercial side of the company at which you wish to work. This is an important part of the process. If you are looking for guidance or you want us to arrange your work permit, simply contact us via; [email protected] or call 084 881 8396

Documents required for a work permit application:

The documents listed may vary as each depending on the business registered.

  • Application form (W.P.2)
  • For non-permanent residents: A passport containing a non-immigrant visa.
  • CV or Resume containing education history, diplomas and a detailed description of the applicant’s previous functions as well as the tasks, duration, performance and location of the employment.
  • A recent declaration of health in which a Thai doctor declares you can be held fully responsible for your actions and that you do not suffer from serious conditions.
  • A photocopy of the first page of the passport and visa.
  • Three 5 cm x 6 cm passport photographs of the face, without the head covered, and no older than 6 months.
  • If the application so requires and when it is subject to certain regulations in addition to the Alien Occupation Law, a photocopy of the necessary certificate will have to be included (for example a Teaching Certificate), certificate to work as a doctor, a press card from the Public Relations Department, a certificate to undertake missionary work from the Office of Religious Affairs, etc.)
  • If the applicant is married with a Thai citizen he/she will have to bring the original and photocopies of the following: Marriage Certificate, ID card of the Thai partner, Birth certificates of the children, housekeeping book, and a photocopy of every page of the applicant’s passport.
  • Certificate issued by the Commercial Registration Department which shows the company at which the applicant for the work permit wishes to work has been registered properly as a legal person, and which shows the name of the managing partner and / or director, the goals and capital of the company (no older than 6 months).
  • Copy of the list of shareholders of the company for which the applicant wishes to work, certified as valid by the Commercial Registration Department (no older than 6 months).
  • If the company has a factory, a permit to own a factory and / or a permit to operate a factory, issued by the Factory Department of the Ministry of Industry a copy should be included. If the company has a restaurant or a permit to handle/deal in foodstuffs and / or in the case of a bar a permit to sell alcohol and / or in the case of a hotel a permit to operate a hotel, a copy of this permit should be included.
  • Copy of the VAT identification number (Phor.Phor.20) / application for VAT registration (Phor.Phor.01)
  • A map showing the location of the company
  • Photographs of the inside of the office and the outside of the office. The photographs of the outside should also show the company name and the address of the company. It is also important all employees are shown on the photographs.


As every application is unique and the list of required document might vary due to legislation up-dates, you should allow 6 to 8 weeks for some registrations.

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