A fresh, customer orientated approach to Litigation in Hua Hin

Free Consultations

In confidence, to everyone to obtain as much information about their situation in order to assess and evaluate their needs. The consultation is not limited to a specific period of time and we are also happy to consult with those who already have legal representation and simply want a second opinion.

Fixed Fee Agreements

This is not an estimate, there are no hidden charges. A fixed fee includes all incidental expenses, such as travelling, telephone calls and copying. This approach to customer care creates a business motivated to work efficiently for our clients.

No Win No Fee Agreements

Giving you security and peace of mind when entering into a litigation case. A No Win No Fee Agreement creates a business motivated to work effectively for our clients.

Transparent Due Diligence Reports

Which are detailed & cover key points necessary when assessing risk. You need to know what you are buying so our team undertakes in-depth analyses of all possible leads to build and verify a complete and accurate report essential in your decision making process.

Document Writing

Legal documents, we can’t do without them but it can be tough reading them! That’s why we have a policy to cut through the legal jargon and write our documents & agreements so they are as easy as possible to read and understand, allowing our clients to go straight to the information that matters to them.

We believe free consultations, fixed fees and guaranteed results, creates a business motivated to work efficiently for, and in the interests of, our clients who value being well informed at the outset of any legal process.

If you think it could be beneficial to arrange a FREE consultation to discuss your needs, simply contact us via; david@legalserviceshuahin.com or call 081 846 9193
Our office is conveniently located at Makro, Soi 4, Hua Hin & open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm

If you think it could be beneficial to arrange a FREE consultation to discuss your needs, simply contact us, email: david@legalserviceshuahin.com or call +66 (0) 81 846 9193

Customer Experiences

We like to recommend Patrichat Martin and the team around her for excellent service they gave us when we sold our house in Hua Hin, Thailand. She has very good knowledge what we us foreigners need and she can explain the Thai system for us in an understandable way. If you look for an attorney in Hua Hin this must be the best. Thanks

Bengt Mellberg 7/25/2019

Great lawyer,
Mod and her staff provided excellent service, demonstrating professionalism and personal attention to all details of my will.
She has a very good knowledge of estate and family law matters and speaks perfect English.
She conducted herself in an utmost professional manner and has clearly explained the complexity of the property law in Thailand. I enjoyed working with Mod and her team and would recommend her to other perspective clients.
I am very grateful for her excellent job!

Rolf Luethi 1/21/2019

I would highly recommend Legal Services Hua Hin. The guided me through a difficult divorce with now my difficult ex wife.
Their service and communication with me was 5 Star.
Thnk you Mod and the team.

Brian Davidson 10/05/2018

I would highly recommend Legal Services Hua Hin to anyone requiring assistance regarding immigration issues in the Kingdom of Thailand. Legal Services HH has a friendly and highly professional staff available to answer questions and to handle all necessary paperwork.

Brian Corriveau 10/04/2018

Hired the company's services in connection with house sales. I got the perfect care of my case, always fast, quick reply via email, fast communication and detailed info for both plans, payments and paperwork. I am very happy with service and will recomend the company to all the acquaintances who need help in Thailand

Olena Szymanowski 8/22/2018

I just purchased a condo in Hua Hin. Thanks to Mod's flexibility and commitment, the sale completed in 3 weeks including registration, without any issues. Mod worked seamlessly with my estate agent with focus on getting to the right outcome at pace. This was also complicated by me being based in India at the time and travelling extensively. I would not hesitate to use Mod's services again or recommend her to others.

Marcela Binova 8/09/2018

Very professional and efficient service. Thanks to Mod, the transaction I entered into went very smoothly with absolutely no surprises and in a timely manner. Having Mod on my side was a lot more than simply having a legal assistance. I strongly recommend her for any instance involving legal matters.

Thierry Payen 4/04/2018

We have been dealing for two years with the services of Legal Office Hua Hin and especially with Mrs Mod Parichat Martin. Living in France and despite being abroad, we want to point out that the services of this law firm were flawless, and we warmly thank Mrs Mod Parichat, for her skills, seriousness, kindness, professionalism and availability of every moment. We strongly recommend this law firm.

Thierry Choche 1/09/2018

We recently used Parichat Martin for legal services. She is very efficient and extremely knowledgeable. A rare combination of being able to deal with Thai people/departments the way they like and to be able to work with foreigners the way they are accustomed. She is able to explain things in a way that is easy to understand for westerners because she understands how they things are done in the west. Her fees are very reasonable and very up front. Our project ended up requiring less work than originally planned and we were refunded part of our fees. First time I ever got a refund from an attorney.

Wayne Davis 10/15/2017

I've used Mod and her team now from everything from conveyancing to helping with my Visa, Visa renewals and driving licenses.
Mod speaks perfect English and her team are very helpful, efficient whilst being polite at all times.
I have to say during my house purchase Mod was superb in dealing with all my concerns and explaining everything in detail as well as translating all the important documents for me.
I can highly recommend Legal Services HH for all your legal requirements not matter how big or small they may be.

Steve Warnock 9/20/2017

I have used the services of Legal Services Hua Hin for over four years now. They have acted for and on my behalf in a variety instances that required in-depth knowledge and expertise and have proven to be excellent. They are professional, knowledgeable, and expedient. Their rates are extremely reasonable, management and staff are courteous, i would recommend this company 100% to anyone looking for any / all legal advise - they always 'deliver '.

Laurie Dowler 8/05/2017

Based on my own experience Legal Services Huahin is highly recommended, its a very professional team and good service, thank you very much Mrs Parichat Martin i am very happy about your services.

Lek Morgan 12/03/2015

At first, Legal Services Hua Hin gave me a free consultation and answered all my questions about my visa situation in Thailand. One week later they helped me to get a Thai driving licence. I highly recommend Legal Services Hua Hin. Mod and David have profound knowledge and they are a very friendly contact

Christian Rohner 7/04/2014