There are many variations of a dependant visa for Thailand. The visa can apply to a family member who wishes to follow their spouse or parent, or the dependant visa could be used by a parent to follow their child, who holds an educational visa issued by an international school in Thailand.

The financial requirements for a dependant visa for Thailand is that you have either or 400,000 Baht in a Thai Bank account in Thailand for 2 months before applying or a statutory declaration from your embassy in Bangkok confirming you have an income equivalent to or greater than 40,000 Thai baht per month.

Thai immigration will accept a combination of both deposit and income.

The next requirement is that you have at least a 6-month rent contract, supported by the property owner.

The dependant visa for Thailand is only valid for one year and has to be extended by the same process as the original application process every year thereafter.

After the dependant visa is issued, the holder of the visa must report to immigration every 90 days to confirm where they are living.

If you wish to leave Thailand, whilst holding dependant visa. You must get a re-entry stamp from your local Thai immigration office before travelling. Otherwise your visa will be cancelled on your departure from Thailand.

Visa rules & regulations may vary slightly by location. The terms and conditions of all visas for Thailand can change without warning. So, it is advisable to contact your local Thai consulate or visa agent before making an application.

Don’t forget that consular & immigration officers reserve the right to request additional documents when they deemed it to be necessary.

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