If you are planning to travel overseas then you might need to apply for a visa from the embassy of the country which will be your visiting.

The typical requirements for a visa are as follows:

A valid passport.

Evidence showing the purpose of your trip, such as hotel reservations, as well as documents that prove your family connection, if you are intending to visit family

Documentary proof that shows you have sufficient funds to support yourself.

Proof that you have taken out a valid travel insurance. At a minimum, this travel insurance is to provide cover for repatriation, hospital admission expenses, medical expenses and assistance in case of death and of course now Covid 19.

If you are planning on travelling for longer than the standard tourist visa allows. Then you will need to apply for a different visa rather than a tourist visa. The list of requirements will also change for an extend visit.

If you are wishing to travel to Europe, UK, Scandinavia or Australia, we can assist you with your visa application. You should allow at least 6 weeks to apply for a tourist visa and 12 weeks for any other visa.

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