Alcohol licenses

Before a restaurant or bar can serve alcohol in Thailand, it must obtain an alcohol license. Establishments that require an alcohol license include pubs, bars, restaurants, shops, guesthouses, hotels, clubs, distillers, importers, distributors, wholesalers and theatres to name a few.

Alcohol Licenses expire on December 31st and must be renewed annually at a cost of 1100 Baht.

Applications for Alcohol Licenses are completed at the local District Office. The license must be in the name of a Thai national or a Thai company.

Applications require the applicant’s company registration documents, evidence of the restaurant/bar address, copies of the house registration papers for the restaurant/bar or authorization to use the premises to sell alcohol.

A deposit can be demanded.

It is prohibited to sell alcohol in close proximity to schools or religious sites.

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Music Licenses

Almost anywhere you go in Thailand, department stores, restaurants, outdoor markets, small shops, bowling alleys and especially entertainment venues like pubs or discotheques, you’ll hear music, recorded and performed live.

But what few people know is that copyright music cannot be played legally in a commercial setting without the permission of the copyright holder, which under 1994 Copyright Act, normally involves the payment of royalties.

The payment of these fees has opened an opportunity for corrupt officials and imposters to extort money from businesses playing copyrighted music. In some cases, TVs, computers, sound systems and other equipment are seized in lieu of payment. Music licenses are a very grey area but can be negotiated with the local authorities.
Advice would be the best way forward.

School Licenses

If you intend to operate in an education related business in Thailand, you would first need to set up a Thai company to represent your business. After setting up the company, you may proceed with applying for the Education License via the Ministry of Education and the local government offices.

Among the most important requirements for an Education license are as follows:

  • There are very strict guidelines on building safety and layout.
  • A course syllabus for each subject.
  • A qualified Principal who must be a Thai National
  • 3 year business plan, supported with credible finances. qualification of teachers and the like
  • Appropriately qualified teacher to support the syllabuses.

Following preparations of the above requirements, the application can be submitted at the Ministry of Education which will evaluate the application within 90 days. An onsite inspection of the school will be conducted. If the committee is satisfied with application the license may be granted within 90 days.

Advice is highly recommended before applying for any Education License.

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