Too many people put off the creation of a Last WILL & Testament, believing it will be complicated, expensive, and time-consuming, but the fact is, once you contact us and start the process, you will be wondering why you didn’t do thing essential task earlier.

What makes a WILL legal?

Any adult of sound mind is entitled to make a WILL and is known as the Testator; there are just a few requirements that a Will that must fulfill:

  • The Will must be signed by at least two witnesses.
  • The witnesses do not need to read the content.
  • The witnesses must be people who don’t benefit from the Will.
  • The Testator must date and sign the Will in the presence of the witnesses.
  • The executor can be a beneficiary of the Will.
  • The executor must be able to communicate with government officials & offices.
  • You should notify the beneficiaries when you write your Will.
  • You must state wehre the Will was prepared and signed

What to include in a WILL?

  • Full name, date of birth, address, nationality, passport number of the testator;
  • Details of the heirs/beneficiaries
  • Executor of the Will
  • Two witnesses of the Will
  • Desired funeral requirements if possible

At Legal Services Hua Hin we will write your WILL in English & Thai, taking into account your unique circumstances, regardless of your wealth. Our team will work with you to put at the very least a simple and valid WILL into place for your own peace of mind.

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