Say goodbye your way!

When a loved one passes away in Thailand, bereavement puts pressure on arrangements to either bring them home or to organise their cremation at a local temple here in Thailand.

By arranging a local cremation, you can give your loved one a send-off that truly celebrates their life, their personality and the things they loved most.

Legal Services Hua Hin has proudly been serving the expat community in Thailand since 2013. Providing a sympathetic and dedicated funeral service to ensure the families wishes and bugets are respected along side Thai tradition.

Our experienced team can deal with the local authorities, the embassy and organise the cremation. We can then return their ashes to you, if this is your wish. Otherwise, their ashes will be scattered into the sea following Thai tradition.

If a friend or family member passes away in Thailand, we can offer a repatriation service to bring them home. The circumstances and cause of death will determine how long the process could take to repatriate your loved one. It is therefore advisable to ask before making arrangments in your home country.

Our reputation and expertise are such that we have become trusted associate to anyone who requires legal advice and guidance here in Thailand.

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